Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



our behalf in the Court of England, and we give the said Agent full power to take up for interest such sums of money as shall be necessary to that effect, provided they do not exceed 400 pounds ster. 4 Dec., 1629. A true copy of original written by me, DA. TIRRY. 2 Dec., 1629. The house wherein now dwelleth Stephen ·Miagh fz. Garrett is mortgaged by consent of the Mayor, &c., to Christopher Creaghe, for 150 pounds. ~he money was bestowed as follows, v·iz., four score and ten pounds by virtue of the Lo. Justices letter paid to Sir Thomas Button, Knt., Captain of one of His Majesties ships now at Kinsale, and sixty pounds received by our Agent now employed for England. 29 .Ap'ril, 1630. That where James Morrough in the time of his Meralty received divers sums of money, as well tax money as otherwise, to the use of the Corpo- ration, towards the building of the bridges and the repairing of the walls of this city, then being fallen and brought away by the last water :Hoods in his time, and hath this day accompted in open Court, with the Mayor, &c., for his receipts, &c., he was found to be .in arreare to the Corporation in the sum of three score pounds ster., which he this day in open Court paid, and therefore is acquitted. Tho. Ronayne, Maior. John Coppinger, Do~ Roche, Will. Tyrry, He. Golde, Com. Speaker ; Edmo. Martell. Whereas Stephen Skiddmore ats. Skiddy, late citizen and Vintner of London, dec., by his last will bearing date 20 March, 1584, did demise that the Master, Wardens, freemen, and Commonaltie of the mysterie of Vint- ners of London, and their successors, should pay yearly for ever, after the ~ecease of Hellen, his wife, of the rents and profits of certain lands men- tioned in said will, the sum of 24 pounds ster., at the Common Hall of said Company, to the Mayor of Cork for the time being, or his sufficient deputy, at the Feast of .the Annunciation of B.V.M., and at St. Michrel, to be dis- tributed amongst ten of the poorest, honestest people of said City, sole and aged 40 years at least; and whereas the Mayor, &c., without due consider- ation, have admitted a great many above the number, not only to dwell and lodge in the Hospital, but the said legacy was too little to be distributed amongst so many poor men, and besides the multiplicity of poor suitors

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