Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



16 .April, 1630 • Wm. Sarsfeld fz. Thomas, Town Clerk, is sworn a freeman paying lOs. William Ronayne fz. Richard do. paying 33s. 4d. Thomas Ronayne fz. David do. paying do.


James Gould fz. Richard do. do. James wmbard fz. Edward do. do. William Hore do., 5 :M.ay, paying lOs.

John Roche fz. James, 12 July, do. paying 358'. Perish Miagh of Killmalocke do. paying 35s. James Mathew fz. Will.• 6 Aug., do., for which Mr. Recorder passed his promise for to pay the Chamberlain, 33s. 4d.

Thomas Sarsfeld fz. wm., 17 Sep., do. paying lOs. Will. Terry fz. Oliver, 17 Sep., do. paying 33s. 4d. James Barrett fz. John, 18 Sep., paying do. Robert Harding, 18 Sep., paying do.

5 Dec., 1629. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that Mr. David Tirry fz. Edmond, Ald., shall be employed Agent to repair to the Court of England, to solicit for renewing of their Oharter, and all other instructions shall be delivered to him in writing, touching the good of the Corporation. He is to receive upon Sir Thomas Button, Knt., Captain of the King's ship, his letter of advice for England, for fourscore and ten pounds and sixty pounds more received by said David, in hand of Christopher Creaghe of Corck, merchant, and for his allowance, 6s. Sd. per day, together with the award over and above the said 6s. Sd.., of Mr. Domk. Roohe, Ald., and Mr. Henry Gould fz. Adam, Ald. The umpireship thereof to the Mayor that now is. (Note on margin.) "Arrived in the harbour the xiii day of July, 1631.'~ There was also given to the above Agent a letter of attorney to solicit all causes in the behalf of the Corporation, bearing date 4 Dec., 1629, and also a letter of credit for 400 pounds, bearing like date. To all men, &c. Thomas Ronayne, Esq., Mayor of Corcke, Will Tirry and Tho. Fitzgerald, Sheriffs. We have by letter of Attorney appointed David Tirry fz. Edmond, Ald., Agent for said City and County, to solicit in 19-2

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