Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



to employ and direct him, as occasion shall require, for which said John Galwey, &c., and his predecessors, were wont and ought to pay unto the Mayor's wife,':upon his admittance, 6s. 8d. ster., and to receive his part of Christmas offerings only, without intermeddling with any of the proceedings of the Court, upon all which we, the said John Coppinger and Domk. Roche have agreed, and conclude that from henceforth said Domk. Roche, Sergeant at Mace, shall have the execution of all warrants, &c. 20 Oct., 1629. · Mr. John Coppinger, Ald., Mr. Edmond Martell, Ald., and· Michrel Galwey, were chosen Overseers of both the stone bridges which are to be built by ~he undertaker.. Wm. Tirry, Ald., and Patrick Miagh fz. Garret are sworn Overseers of the City Revenues. 11 Nov., 1629. Wm. Tjrry fz. George and Thomas f.z. Gerrald, Sheriffs, are sworn Council- lors of this City, for which Thomas paid 8li. in hand, and William is to pay Bli. more, whensoever the Mayor is pleased to call. ~ Oct., 1629. Mem. Curire Civ.. Corcke tempore Thomre Ronnane, Maioris. Gulielmi Tyrry fz. George et Thomre fz. Gerrald, Vicecomit. ejusdem Civitatis. Dominick Coppinger, Recorder. Wm. Tyrry fz. George and Thomas fz. John Gerral~, Sheriffs. Henry Gould f.z. Ad~ Ald., Common Speaker. Will. Tirry fz. George, Sheriff, Chamberlain of the·City Revenues. Stephen Gallway,-Swordbearer during the Mayor's pleasure. Patrick Roche fz. James, Waterbailiff. Domk. Roche fz. Edmond, Serjeant at Mace.

John Gallway, Serjeant during the Mayor's pleasure. David Creagh and Edmond Cleare, petty Serjeants. .

David Galwey and Will Skiddy, Warders of the City Gates. Nicholas Verdon and Dahill, petty Porters of the City gates. David Galwey, Pilot of the Harbour. Robert Martell, Broaker.

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