Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



That by consent of the Mayor, &c., the Charter confirming the Guager- ship, Searchership, and package, with the Lord Deputy and Council, his warrant concerning same, was sent to Mr. John Coppinger to Dublin, to be delivered to Mr. Domk, Coppinger, Recorder, to solicit for the Corpora- tion. 28 Aug., 1629. Whereas a ship arrived lately in the harbour of Corcke out of Legorne, in Italy, with 24 tunns of Allegant wine, 10 tunn of sheries, 27 tunn of Malmesies, and 58. tunns of Vidania wine, with salt, &c., and that before any tender was made to the Mayor and Corpora~ion of the sale thereof, who had given ·notice that no part should be unladen without special licence of said Mayor, according to ancient custom, one Richard !sake and Nicholas Ley, merchants of the said ship, most contemptuously, and without license, have broken bulke and discharged as well ashore in this harbour 13 butts into St. .Augustine's .Abbey, and 17 butts into a barque bound for Waterford or elsewhere, the prisage of two choice tuns of said wines being unsatisfied to the Corporation. By consent of the Mayor, &c., it is agreed that the said 13 butts landed shall be seized to the use of the Corporation, and detained · until the prisage be satisfied, &c., and if any suit be commenced all expenses to be defraid out of the Common revenues. James Morrogh, Mayor. John Meade, Rec. John Coppinger, Dom. Tyrry, Tho. Ronane, Will. Tyrry, Edmo. Martell, Pa. Tyrry, Adam ·Goolde. 18 July, 1629. .A. Controversy depending between Domk. Roch fz. Edmond, Chief Sergeant at Mace, and John Galway, another officer at Mace, being referred by the Mayor, &c., to John Coppinger and Dom. Roche, Ald., We, said John and Dominick, having called them before us, and heard the allegation of either party several days, after full deliberation, &c., we find said Domk. Roell, Chief Sergeant at Mace, and his predecessors, were chief officers of. the court, and had the execution and return of all processes, &c., and executors of all other warrant of that Court, &c., and to attend the Mayor, &c., in the due execution of all the proceedings of the Court, and that the said John Galway and his predecessors were but inferior officers, who were to attend the Mayor or his wife upon all occasions, wherever she, the Maior's wife was 19

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