Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Nomina J uratorum inter Thomam Sarsfeld et J ohan. fz. Edmond Gerrald, mil. ad inquirendam di:fferentiam inter mearas .et bundas. Thomas Coppinger, Ald. John Miagh fz. Henry. Edmond Martell, .Ald. George Morough. David Terry fz. Edmond, Ald. Clement Skiddy. Thomas Gold fz. Will., Ald. Wm. Gerrald. · Jefferey Gallway fz. Patr., gent. Michrel Gallwey fz. James. [Jurati;] Your issue is to enquire the bounds betwixt Thomas Sarsfeld, gent., arid Sir John fz. Edmond Gerralde, Knt., of the lands without North Gate, near St. Catterine's Church on the West. Robert Miagh fz. David. Morish Roche fz. James. John Colman fz. David. David Lombard. Teige McShane, mason. We find it shall be lawful for Thomas, his tenants, &c., to erect his or their building upon the said Thomas his land on the East, within seven square feet of the pinacle of St. Catterine's Church on the west, which seven feet is to be left void and unbuilt, as well for the light of the said Church as for a lane for said Thomas' dwelling on said land on the East. 22 Aug., 1629. 5 Oct., 1629. Domk. Coppinger fz. Walter, Esq., was sworn freeman and councellor, for which Mr. John Coppinger, Ald., passed his word for to pay as much as any other Councellor. 7 Nov., 1629. This day Henry Gould fz. Adam accounted in open Court in presence of the Mayor, &c., for the sum of 86li. 19s. 6d. ster. received by him in James Morrough's year of Mayoralty, wherein is concluded 10 pounds received of Melchior Lavalline in David Tyrry's time, arid the residue of a ticket of Sir John Crosby, sent by the said Henry to Mallow by James M.orrough, then Mayor, of all which said Henry rendered a fair account, and there rested upon him only 20s. ster., which he then paid the Chamberlain. Mem. The 100 po~ds received of Will. Sarsfield for the Town Clerk's place for 21 years, by consent of the Mayor, &c., was sent by Adam Gould to Mallow, to pay the entertainment for 3 months, ending 30 Sep., 1628, for the Lord President's troop.

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