Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


We find that William Tyrry fz. James, late of Corcke, mercht., by several deeds dated 30 June, 1628, did make several gifts and conveiances as well of all his real as personal goods, &c., to John Roch and Domk. Creagh, of Corke, merchants, and that he was of sane and perfect mind at the time of making the several gifts. And we further find that said William Tyrrie, the 21 Feb., 1628 [sic], by drowning himself, died, on which day we find that he was furioB1.UJ non compos m.entis, but what debts were due to him at the time we know not. Ultimo die Martii, 1629. 8 June, 1629. Whereas there was a bargain made this day by the Mayor, &c., with Pettor Phillator, merchant of St. Malloyse, for 35 pipes of good Malgoe wines, at 14 pounds ster. per pipe, mz., the half moytie in good and well conditioned salt hides, at the rate of 5s. 6d. per hide, the other moytie in good and mer- chandable tanned hides at seven shillings per hide, and also 2000 weight of pitch at 14s. per 100, also 120 reams of writing paper at 4.!. per ream, which bargain is sold by the Mayor, &c., unto Melchor Lavallyne, now one of the Sheriffs, for his own use, paying 20s. out of every pipe of said wines to the use of the Corporation, and the above rates to the merchant stranger accord- ing to the bargain betwixt the Mayor and Peter Phillator. (Note ·on margin.) "Of all this bargain the within Sheriff was con- tented in open Court to give all his interest to the Mayor and to John Colman and Richard Walters, who are to pay to the Corporation out of this bargain 40li., besides the clearing the merchant of St. Malloisse of all the above mentioned rates." 2 July, 1629. J ephory Galwey, Edward Roch fz. Edmond, and Will. Roch fz. Domt. are nominated for Maioralty for the ensueing year. 4 Sep., 1629. Paid by Mr. Collman, in discharge for himself and partners for the wines lately brought·hither by Pettor Phillator, the sum of 8 pounds, which is paid to Mr. Recorder, towards this year's entertainment. Provided that if it shall appear to Mr. Recorder and Mr. John Coppinger, Ald., that said Collman had not made full satisfaction for the wines, otherwise that then said Colman satisfy the Corporation what the Recorder and Coppinger shall think fit.

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