Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



6 May, 1629. Redmond Kent fz. John was sworn free do., which was given to Domk. Wheete, for his entertainment. 4 Sep., 1629.

Garrett, Lo. Coursies, Lo. Baron of Kinsale, sworn free. Robert Meade fz. Wm., sworn a freeman the 12 August. 13 Oct., 1628.

Whereas Will. Sarsfeld fz. Thomas paid the Corporation 100 pounds, therefore, in consideration thereof, the Mayor, &c., nominated him, his heires, &c., To~ Clerk for 21 years. 10 Dec., 1628. Forasmuch as contrary to the bye-laws of the Corporation, Morish Roche, Martyne Harmon, and Richd. Mathew have bargained for wine, salt, &c., without consent of the Mayor, Councill, &c., for which commodoties the Corporation was tendered the sum of 100 pounds ster., It is agreed in open Court, by consent of the Mayor, &c., that all the said wines, salt, &c., shall be seized upon and sellered up until the sum of 1.00 pounds be paid by said Morish and Richard for the use of the Corporation. Nolnina J uratorum inter Dominum Regem querentem et Will. Tyrrie~ nuper defunctum.

Thomas Ronane. Ed.niond MartelL Thomas Martell. George Morrogh. John Meade fz. Henry. John Colman. Patrick Myagh fz. Garret.

James Gold fz. George. Will. fz. John Gerald. Stephen Martell. James Mathew fz. James. Adam Gold fz. Peerce. Thomas Gold fz. Patrick. Richard_Roch fz. John. (Jurati.)

You are to enquire whether William Tyrrie fz. James, late of Cork, mer- chant, became felo de se, and what goods he had at the time of his death, what debts were due unto him, and whether he was furiosos non compos mentis, or luniaticus. You shall make due return before.last day of this month, March.

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