Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



. 6 Oct., 1628.- . Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore Jacobi Morroghe, Maioris. Mauricii Roch fz. Patrick et Melchior Lavalline, Vicecom. ejusdem Civitatis. 13 Oct., 1628. Sir John Mead, Knt., Recorder. Stephen Gallway, Swordbearer. Dominick Roche and John Galwey, Serjeants at Mace. Patrick Rocqe fz. James, Water Bailiff. · Wm. Sarsfeld is sworn Town Clerk of this city for 21 years; under the

Common Seal, for which he paid in open Cour~ 100 pounds. David Galwey and William Skiddy, Porters of the City. David Creagh and Edmond Cleare, petty Serjeants. Robert Martell, Broaker. John Dahill and Nicholas Verdon, under Porters. Thomas Ronane, Ald., Common Speaker. 19 Nov., 1628.

Wm. Tirry fz. George, Ald., and Patrick Roche fz. James, Overseers. Wm. Tirry fz. Oliver, one of the .AttOrneys of this Court, 4 March, 1628. It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that Christopher Gould fz. James shall enjoy his office of Pilot within this harbour, paying 308. yearly, for eleven years, beginning 1 Nov., 1628. 3 Nov., 1628. Thomas Nevell is sworn a freemm paying five poUJlds. 19 Dec., 1628. . John Verdon fz. Henry do. paying 5 nobles to Stephen Galwey, the Sergeant, towards his entertainment. 19 Dec., 1628. John Gallwey fz. Michell is sworn free paying 5 nobles to Stephen Gal- _way towards his entertajnment. 1 .April, 1629. Edmond .Roch fz. James sworn free paying 208. to Stephen Gallway Swordbearer. Michel Gallway fz. Robert paying do. to do.


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