Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


20 July, 1628. Sir Charles McCarty, Knt., was admitted to be of the Council of this City. 3 Sep., 1628. William Coppinger fz. James is sworn free paying 33s. 4d. to Dominick White in part of his entertainment. Mr. David Tyrry, Mayor, passed his account of·his disbursements for this Corporation, from 11 July until present day, and it appears the C~rpo­ ration are in arreare in the sum of eleven pounds four shill. and sixpence, for receipt of which he has a warrant directed to John Goold, Chamberlain. 30 June, 1628. A Jury impannelled to try the bounds between the messuage of William Skiddy, Ald., on the south, and that of Clement Skiddy on the north. Thomas Goold of Cork, Ald. ·

Richard Hally, gent. David Lombard, gent.

Thomas Ronayne, Ald. Edmond Martell, Ald. John Arthour, gent. Edmond Goold, gent. George Morrough, gent.

John Coppinger fz. Adam, gent. John Colmayne fz. David, gent. Christ. Goold fz. James, gent.

Teige McShane, mason. Phillip Glissine, mason.

1 .Aug., 1628. We find that Clement Skid~y builded along the east of the houses in the occupation of Dermod 0 811?-ghane, John Murffi.e, and others, and left no land for his drop to fall upon, as appeareth by the casting of a line within six inches of the north wa;rr of the said William Skiddy's new mansion house . by the street, and that all the land now in question betwixt the said parties is properly belonging to William. 11 Sep., 1628. ' James Tirry fz. Domk. and Walter Galwey fz. Francis, in consideration of 20 pounds paid by each of them, are admitted to be Councillors of this City. (Conditions as 9 June, 1626.) 18 Sep., 1628. Michrel Galwey fz. Geffrey is sworn a freeman, gratis,

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