Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



.who cast the same be refractory to authority, all expenses, &c., to be borne· by the common purse of the Corporation. . 3 Sep., 1627. It is agreed that all the pools belonging to this town, which have beep. h ·tP-ly enjoyed by Mr. Edmond Morrogh and the fermers of the Corporation, shall be leased for eleven years to Domk. Roch, Ald., yielding 15 pounds per annum, whereof two years rent is to be paid in hand. No alienation except to freemen, natives and inhabitants without the licence of the Mayor, &c. The Mayor's accustomed duty to be saved and reserved. 15 Sep., 1627. It is agreed that the Market Barrell, and the office of Clerk of the Mar- ket, be leased for four years t-o Patrick .A.rthoure for 16 pounds yearly. If the rent be unpaid for 28 days, the demise to be void. 19 Sep., 1627. Sir John Meade, Knt., our Recorder, being now employed to the Lord President to give some ease of the intended charge of 23 horse which is like to light upon the Corporation, if speedy prevention be not given, It is ~greed that whatever he shall undertake for, not . exceeding 50 pounds ster., on behalf of the Corporation, shall be defTaid upon demand. 26 Sep., 1627. James Roch fz. Domk. is sworn free paying lOs. Patrick Myagh fz. Patrick is sworn free paying 4 nobles. 23 Sep., 1627. It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that in consideration of ail annual rent of 3 pounds paid by Robert Martell·fz. Domk., whereof one year is paid in hand, that said Robert,·so he be a native freeman, and accepted of by the Mayor to be a sufficient man to undergo the office of broker, shall exer- cise said office of a broker in this City and County hereof, and shall receive all dues, &c., for eleven years, paying 3 pounds yearly, said Robert to have a lease under the common seal of this city. Willm. Hore, Maior. John Meade, Rec. Domk. Roche. Dom. Tyrrye. 22 Sep., 1627. The Prize Taveme is demisM by the Corporation to Thomas Mathew for

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