Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Morrogh and Edward Roch fz. Edmond were by consent of the Maior, &e., nominated to be put in election of maioralty for ensueing year. 24 July, 1627. The Mayor, &c., have this day contracted with Domk. Tyrry, Ald., that he shall have the common lands where usually the fairs of the City were kept, containing a plowland more or less, with the profits, &c., of the said fairs for a term of 31 years, rendering the Mayor, &c., the sum of 25 pounds ster. yearly, and two years rent before hand, with a clause that if the rent be behind 28 days, then his lease shall be void, neither shall he let the pre- mises to any but freemen without the licence of the Mayor, Recorder, and four eldest .Aldermen, with a clause of general warranty, forasmuch as he hath been possessed by the fermers these three years last past, a covenant that it shall be lawful for all freemen and inhabitants to dig and carry away red ·stones for the use of their works during their term, with free egress, &c., for themselves and their horses. 20 .Aug., 1627. It is agreed that the agents of the City who are to meet the agents of the several counties of this province, shall have power to charge this City, as far forth as the agents of any other city of Munster, and we will enguage our agents of any promise they shall pass for such contribution to be given to the general agents. 25 .Aug., 1627. Whereas by the charters of our Sovereign Lord the King granted to this Corporation, the Mayor hath been always .Admiral within the harbour of Cork and the creeks and branches thereof, betwixt Rynerawne on the west to Ryneidraume on the east, and the said Mayor and his predecessors have appointed a Deputy .Admiral for the fishing within the said harbour and creeks, and made orders and laws for the good of the Commonwealth for the ordering of the fishing, which were never heretofore violated till of lata one Edward Champion and others have, at unusu~ and unbefitting times, with seynes engrossed all the profits of the said harbour, to the great pre- judice of the inhabitants and of the corporation. It is this day agreed that . the Mayor, &c., shall by all lawful means give opposition to the said un- due fishing, and if need be by cutting the ropes of the seynes, if the parties 17-2

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