Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals

130 SIR JOHN MEADE AND DAVID TYRRY TO TREAT WITH THE LO. DEPUTY. 5. April, 1627. Whereas Sir John Meade, Knt., Recorder of this City, and David Tyrry fz. Edmond, gent., are nominated by the Corporation and gentlemen and freeholders of this City and County hereof to treat with the Lord Deputy and Council, and the Lords, Knights and gentlemen of other counties of this Kingdom, by virtue of a Commission dated • • • It is agreed that wh~tever charges the said John and David shall incur shall be defraid by the corporation and said county, in such manner as the Agents of Water- ford, Limerick, or any other city of this Kingdom. 17 Sep., 1627. James Gould fz. David is sworn free paying 33s. 4d. 13 April, 1627. This day thirteen tickets amounting to 372li. 11s. have been by William Hore, Mayor, delivered in open Court unto David Tyrry fz. Edmond, to be entered with the Treasurer of this Kingdom, which tickets he, the said David, promised to redeliver again to the Mayor and Corporation, by Mich. . ' next, or make payment by an instrument under his hand bearing date 5 April (Note on margin.) The contents of this entry was performed by David Tyrry, 23 Sept., 1627. 20 April, 1627. William TyiTy fz. Patrick is sworn a Councillor paying ten pounds ster. 25 April, 1627. Christopher Waters fz. John, in consideration of 15 pounds ster. paid towards the urgent occasions of the City, is by consent of the Mayor ad- mitted a Councillor, &c. (Conditions as before, 9 June, 1626.) 30 April, 1627. Mr. Henry Gold, Ald., paid in Court, by direction of the Mayor, &c., and in their presence, to the poor of the Hospital, towards the 24 pounds que to said Hospital at Easter last, which he is appointed to receive in London, according to the tenor of Stephen Skiddy his will, the sum of Sli. 12s. 2 July, 1627. According the ancient custom of this City, Edmond Morrogh, James

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