Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Also of William Mathew, two ensueing gales, viz~, Mich., 1624, and Easter, 1625, 24 pounds, all which said Henry_ disbursed upon the poor of said Hospital, by direction of the brethren and Commons, as appeareth upon the back side of the poors several admittance, only some part that was de- fraid in the making of aprintice over the Hospital door, and some other part bestowed on 12 standing bedds, the remainder being only 13s. 6d., the said Henry delivered in Court, to be added to the sum of money paid in by Mr. Edmond Martell to be distributed among the said poor. Mr. Edmond Martell accounted for 24 pounds received by him of Michrel Myagh for two gales, viz., Mich., 1625, and Easter, 1626, whereof he paid the P.Oor of the Hospital the sum of 19li. 5s., the remainder being 3li. 15s. was this day distributed amongst said poor, with ·the 13s. 6d. received of Henry Gold. 11 bep., lb~7. William Ronane fz. Edmond is sworn free paying 33s. 4d. 10 Nov., 1626. Whereas all well governed Commonwealths have always held men of quality and useful profession in especial estimation, and have given them encouragement to cohabit amongst them, and where Mr. Patrick Meade fz. John, Doctor of Physick, hath his residence in parts remote from this city, whose elloignement ·we hold no small inconvenience, We therefore, the Mayor, &c., being assembled in the Tholsel of this city, in respect of his ·family and descent being a child borne of this city, and of his ability in his profession, for to invite him to dwell in this city, where we presume he will not fail to minister the poor physicke out of charitable disposition, gratis, have thought it fit, and by common consent do grant unto him during his residence amongst us an annuity of ten pounds ster. per annum, to pay for his house-rent : To be paid by the Chamberlain. Mem. The day aforesaid it was agreed that notwithstanding the afore- said entry, that the said Doctor Meade is for the first year to have but 20 nobles ster. . 9 March, 1626. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that every plowland within the County of this City shall, upon sight of the Mayor's Warrant, pay 2s. Bd. towards the relieving of his Majesties soldiers here in garrison. 17

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