Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals

WALTER MORROGH TO BE WATER BAILIFF. OF THE MARINE GATE. :133 the term of four years, at a yearly rent of five po.unds ster., whereof the .first year's rent is paid in hand. Will. Hore, Mayor. John Meade, Rec. Dom. Roche, Will. Tyrry, Willm. Skiddye, Tho. Ronane. 28 Sep., 1627. Melchor Lavalline is sworn Councellor of this City. [Cancelled.] 22 Sep., 1627. . The suuth shop under the Tholsell of this City is by consent demised to James Roch fz. Domk. for four years, at a yearly rent of 3 pounds, Whereof said James paid the first years rent in hand. Will. Hore, Maior. John Meade, Ree. Dom. Roche, Will. Tyrry, Will. Skiddye, Tho. Ronane. The north shop under the Tholsell of this city is demised to George ~al wey fz. Richard for four years, at a yearly rent of 3 pounds. First year's rent paid in hand. (Same witnesses.) , It is agreed that the Waterbayliwick of the Marine gate shall be pos- sessed by Walter Morrogh of Cork, mercht., or his assignes, at a yearly rent of 6 pounds, and the Corporation demise unto him all the fees as lately enjoyed by Patrick Roche, for the term of 5 years. Provided that by Christmas next said Walter shall cause at his own charge to be built a new substantial marine gate, and during said term he shall bring or send his key in seasonable hours to the Mayor, in such sort as the ·porters of the City gates. (Same witnesses excepting Roche and Ronayne.) 28 Sep., 1627. Whereas ·the necessities of the Corporation are for the time being very pressing, and we are destitute of all means for the relief thereof, We have agreed to receive from Melchior Lavallyne the sum of 110 pounds ster., In consideration whereof he is admitted a Councillor of the City, To have the usual bond for the exemption from the Office of Sheriff, .Also to have a bond under the Common Seal for 200 pounds, and if satisfaction be not made before Michrelmas, 1628, Then he shall have ten pounds of the rent out of the shops and sellars under the Court-house, as a mortgage until 100 pounds be paid. Will. Hore, Maior. John Meade, Rec. Dominick Roche, Dom. Tyrry, Will. Skiddye, Tho. Ronayne, Will. Goolde, John .Ar- thoure, He. Golde, Edmo. Martell

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