Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


24 Oct., 1626.

John Gold, Chamberlain. Domk. Roch, Ald., and David Tyrry fz. Edmond, Overseers. Domk. Tyrry fz. Edmond, Ald., is Common Speaker.

David Galwey and John fz. William, Pilots, and are to give notice unto Edward Roch fz. Edmond, now by consent Ballast master, of all ballast to be charged or discharged in this harbour, to pay 30s. this year for their place. Mr. Edward Roch, Ballast master, to pay for same 5s. Irish, yearly. Morris Meskell, one of the Drummers, to have only half the offering due to the drummers. James Sarsfeild, Towne Clerk. 2 Oct., 1626. By daily experience we, the Mayor, &c., do see that many rich artificers being chosen masters of companies in this City, are by giving many super- fluous entertainments and feasts to their said companies so exhausted in their means as they are constrained in their year's end, if not before, to quit housekeeping in this City, and to betake themselves to foreign countries to get relief for themselves, their wives and children : It is therefore by us enacted, that no master of any Company shall entert~in his Company but once in a year, and that at what time he shall think most convenient, upon pain of 5 pounds ster. for every time he shall infringe this law, To be levied off his ·goods by way ef distress, or recovered by action of debt at the Chamberlain's election. 18 Sep., 1627. Edmond Hore fz. James is sworn free paying four nobles. 29 .Aug., 1627. David Verdon fz. Henry is sworn free paying 33s. 4d. 1 .Ap., 1627. Christ. Walters fz. John is sworn free. 20 .Aug., 1627. Edmond Roch fz. Edward is sworn free in consideration of 20s. Christ. Gould fz. Henry is sworn free do. 20s. 30 March, 1627. ·sir Valentine Browne, Knt. and Bart., is sworn free.

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