Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


and George Morrough, Mercht., who came bound by one statute staple of 300 pounds, unto the said Walter Galwey for payment of said 150 pounds ; and we, the Mayor, &c., consent that said 200 be assessed on the inhabit- ants and dwellers of this City and suburbs. Michrel Galwey, James Gold fz. Nicholas, Morris Kent, Willm. Gerrald, John Colman, Patricke Arthure, Will. Roch fz. Andrew, John Tyrry fz. Edmond. 3 July, 1626. According to the ancient custom of this City, Edmond Roch, John Ar- thure, and Stephen Skiddie were by consent of the Mayor, &c., chosen as three sufficients for the election of maioralty for the ensueing year. 15 Sep., 1626. Edmond Martell, Esq., Mayor, in open Court, in presence of the Recorder, &c., gave a full account of 100 pounds by him received from Walter Galwey for the use of the Corporation, for which said Walter had a mortgage of the King's Castle, and also 6 pounds by him received of John Mead fz. Henry and Richd. Haly, being the residue of the money due for their Uouncellor- ships. 2 Oct., 1626. Mem. Curire Civ. Corcke tempore Wifimi. Hore, Maioris. J ohannis Gold fz. James et Jacobi Mathew fz. James, Vice·comit. Civitatis predictre. Sir John Meade, Knt., is sworn Recorder. 12 Oct., 1626. Stephen Galwey, Sword bearer. Patrick Roch, Water Bailiff. Domk. Roch and John Galwey, Serjeants at Mace. William Skiddy and David Galwey, Porters of both the gates. 16 Oct., 1626. David Creagh, Petty Serjeant, and Edmond Cleere, do. Edmond Barrett, Yeoman for the Mayor. George Wise and Domk. White, Yeomen for the Sheriffs. John Dahill, under porter of the North gate. Nicholas Verdon, under porter of the South gate. Edmond Mortimer, Bellman.

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