Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



3 Oct., 1625. Mem. Curire Civ. Corcke temp. Edmondi Martell fz. Phillip, Maioris. Stephani Martell et David Lombard fz. James, Vicecom. Civitatis predictre. The Sheriffs were sworn upon Friday, being 7 of October. Sir John Mead, Knt., sworn Recorder. Stephen Galwey fz. Jeffrey, Sword bearer. Patrick Roch fz. James, Water bailiff. Domk. Roch and John Galwey, Serjeants at Mace. William Skiddie and Richd. Martell fz. Christ., Porters of the gates. 17 Oct., 1625. Edmond Farish and Morish Gold, Petty Serjeants. Edmond Barret, Gunner and Yeoman to the Mayor. Nicholas Verdon and John Dahill, under ;porters. James Curtane, Drummer. George Wise and Domk. White, Yeomen for the Sheriffs. Edmond Mortymer, Bellman. 24 Oct., 1625. Mr. Domk. Roch, Ald., sworn Common Speaker. John .Arthoure, Chamberlayn. . Mr. David Tyrry and George Morrogh, Overseers of the City revenues for one year. John fz. William and David Galwey, Pilots, paying 30s. yearly, for pay- ment of which sum Philip Gold fz. Garrett and Morris Gold fz. John acknowledged recognizance of 20li. before the Mayor, &c. It is agreed that the Aldermen in their turns shall be Common Speaker by the consent of the Commons, and also shall be sworn Overseers after their yes, if-.&houtt. fit. by GennsH end qgwmgp'

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