Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


of Cork, gent., concerning a freehold of a small plot of ground adjoining the east postern gate of the South Gate of the City of Cork. David Tyrry fz. Stephen. Edmond Roch. Thomas Coppinger. William Hoare. Dominick Roch. Patrick Lavallyne. William Goolde. George Morrogh. Thomas Goolde. James Lornbarde. Thomas Ronane. Patrick Cronyne, John Roche. ( J urati.) Where controversy dependeth between the Corporation and .Adam Goold fz. Patrick concerning the freehold of a small plot of ground next adjoin- ing the east postern gate of the South gate of .this City, extending in length from the house wherein now dwelleth John Gilbert on the East to said postern gate on West, and in breadth from David Meskell's land on the south to the highway on the north, We, the Jurors, finding the title of the said land something doubtful, order that the said Adam shall take the said land from the Corporation under their common seal, he, his heirs, &c., paying the Corporation the rent charge of 5s. yearly, and if said rent be unpaid for twenty days, then the Mayor, &c., shall distrain. Provided that the said Adam shall not set over the west wall near said gate any of his buildings, and that the stairs adjoining said wall shall contain no further than during .the Mayor's pleasure; meantime, .Adam, nor any other, shall make use thereof. DAVID TYRRY FZ. STEPHEN et suprascripti. 18 Aug., 1625. The day above-written there was a licence given by the Mayor, &c., unto Ellen Kenny ats. Kelly, of building a pinnacle on the king's wall on the west end of the house lately built by said Ellen near the New Gate of this City, she paying for said licence 20 pence yearly, ~aid pinnacle to continue during the pleasure of the Mayor. 30 Sep., 1625. This day John 0 Murihie took a lease of the pinnacle built by 'him ad- joyning his house, paying 2s. per ann. during the pleasure of the Corpora- . ' twn.

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