Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


from Morrish Roch and William Tyrry for their Councilship, and therefore is acquitted. 27 July, 1625. This day Mr. George Tyrry, Ald., in presence of the Mayor, &c., assigned unto the Corporation in consideration, of the Bowling Alley which Michrel Gallwey and his assignes were ·to leave to the use of the Corporation by covenant, and such encroachments as the said George hath made upon the common walks, a meadow plot to the north-west of the marsh, divided from · the rest of the marsh by the slough made by said George to draw water to his mill, which the Corporation hath accepted of. He. Golde, Maior. John Meade, Rec. John Meade, Vic., Rich. Halye, Vic., Geo. Tyrry. 30 Sep., 1625. This entry is crossed out in open Court, by common con- sent of the Mayor, Sheriffs, Council, &c. 6 May, 1625. It was agreed by consent of the Mayor, &c., that the Mayor shall send the residue of the money in his hand of the money collected of the artificers towards the receiving of my Lord Deputy at his last being here this Easter to Dublin, and the Chamberlain is to make up the sum 32 pounds. 21 June, 1625. By consent of the Mayor, &c., Richard Martell fz. Christopher was sworn porter of the South Gate for the remainder of this present year. 22 J'IJIM, 1625. By consent of the Mayor, &c., John Mead and Richard Haly, now Sheriffs, are sworn Council of this City, paying the Chamberlain by the end of September next 16 pounds ster. By common consent of the Mayor, &c., Morish Roch and William Tyrry fz. James are sworn Councillors paying three score pounds, and it is con- ditioned they shall not hereafter be pressed to the office of a Sheriff until they voluntarily yield. · 7 Aug., 1625. A Jury Impannelled between the Corporation and Adam Gold fz. Patrick,

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