Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



stones equal to the rest of the said wall, and to finish said work by Mid- summer next. 23 Feb., 1624. James Roch fz. John is sworn free paying 20s. 25 Feb., 1624.

Rich d. fz. John Manecane is sworn free paying 33s. 4d. William Gould fz. Phillip is sworn free paying 5 nobles. 4 March, 1624. Morish Roch fz. Patrick is sworn free. paying 20s. William Lavallyne is sworn free paying 5 nobles. 8 March, 1624. Will. White fz. Stephen is sworn free paying 20s. 11 March, 1624. Adam Gold fz. Peerce is sworn free paying 20s. Will. Verdon fz. Hary is swor:a free paying 4 nobles. 14 May, 1625. Peerce Gould fz. Richard is sworn free paying 20s. Will. Mathew fz. Patrick is sworn free paying 5 nobles.

30 Sep., 1625. John Roch fz. Morrish and Phillip Roch fz. Morrish are sworn free in con- sideration that Morrish Roche,their father, shall clean and cleanse the Quay, viz., from the Court House unto the Marine Gate, on both sides, to be done within a year after the above date, and if Morrish fail to perform same, then they are to pay for their freedom or be erased out of this book and loose the benefit of their freedom. James Gould fz. Henry and John Gould his brother are sworn free pay- ing lOs. a-piece. 18 July, 1625. This day, in open Court, Henry Gould, Esq., Maior, in presence of the Recorder, &c., gave a full account of all the money received by him t~xed upon the artificers of this City, as also of the threescore pounds received

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