Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



that out of all wines brought to this harbour, and not as yet sold nor offered to the Mayor, and out of any hereafter brought to this City out of any place by any stranger, if offer be not made by the stranger to the Mayor, of said wines, &c., before they be sold to any other, there shall be paid to the Cham- berlayn as follows : Out of every butt of seck or Spanish wines so bought by any merchant of this City, or landed within this port, 20s. Irish. And for every tun of Gascoyne wine, 20s. like money, and for every pound worth of any other commodity, 2s. like money, by every person dwelling within this City or fraunchises thereof, excepting wines liable to prisage, or thA custom of a marke a butt on all wines brought under prisage by any mer- chant of this City. It is intended by this bye-law that all wine~ &e., brought thither by any stranger, unless it be held as a Common bargain, shall be liable to the several sums above specified. 23 Jan., 1624. This day Edward Roche fz. Edmond, late Common Speaker, did deliver unto David Tyrry, now Common Speaker, a statute staple, wherein George Tyrry, Robert Meagh, and David Tyrry fz. Edmond, gent., did acknowledge unto Robert Tyrry, late deceased, to the use of the Corporation, the sum of 400 pounds ster. · 2 July, 1625. The Mayor, &c., warned and nominated Mr. Edmond Martell, James Morough, and William Hore, for our election of Maioralty for the ensueing year. 15 Feb., 1624. Thomas Walsh, taylor, is sworn free paying 5 nobles, which was allowed unto Stephen Galwey, Swordbearer, as part of l;lls entertainment. 17 Feb., 162!. David Galwey fz. Stephen and John Browne fz. Robarte were admitted freemen of this City by consent of the Mayor, &c., In consideration whereof Robarte Browne promised in open Court, at his own cost and charges (workmen, lyme, and drawing of Iyme, and stones only excepted), to make up and repair all the western wall of this city, viz., from Thomas Morlyes house unto Droops mill, and to lay it over above with fair large 15-2

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