Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Edward Skiddy, Pilot of the harbour, for which he is to pay 30s. for this year ensue1ng. David Dowdley, Guide. Edmond 1\::Iortimer, Bellman. 25 Oct., 1624. David Tyrry fz. Stephen, Ald., sworn Common Speaker. Charles Harguild is sworn free paying nothing, by reason of the good affection borne him by the Corporation. 25 Nov., 1624. William Tyrry, Ald., and Philip Gold fz. Garret, sworn Overseers. 25 Jan., 1624. It was agreed in open Court that the Maior, &c., shall presently bring down the work lately built by John Gratrix upon the king's wall without the South gate, which he pretended to hold by lease of .Adam Gould, and as the Corporation doth hold the land whereupon Gratrix intended to build a house, formerly used by. them as their common pound, It is also agreed that the Maior, &c., shall stay the building of the said work till either Adam Goold or John Gratrix produce in open Court their right, and if either shall hereafter molest the Mayor, Sheriffs, or Carpenters, &c., em- ployed in bringing down the work, It is agreed that the charges or loss they be at shall be defrayed upon the Commons charges. • The Right Han. Richard, Earl of Corcke, one of his Maj. Privy Council of Ireland, is sworn a freeman of the City of Corck. 1 Ma1·ch, 1624. Whereas the Corporation of C01·cke and the inhabitants thereof have sus- tained great loss by some greedy merchants who deal underhand with stran- gers for bringing wines, &c., as well from beyond the seas as out of other ports and creeks of this kingdom. to this harbour, and also by private compacts with strangers that come hither with wines, &c., to be sold, before any offer is made to the Mayor of this City, whereby the Corporation is deprived of its duties and customs: For prevention in future it is enacted as a bye-law 12 Jan., 1624.

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