Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Reed. of the barque which came to himself, the quarter-part, in April, by Francis Gallway, fro~ St. Malloes, half a butt of seck, 4li. 1 Os. Reed. Aug. 1627, out of the barque of Garnessey, Richard Walter and Francis Gallwey, merchants, half a butt of seck, 4li. lOs. Reed. of James Morrough, Maior, of Mr. Battes, 1 hogshead of Gascoyne wine which came from London, 1628, 2li. 5s. Rer.d. from the Scotsman out of Midleboroughe, James fz. Patrick and .Walter Gould, merchants, in Feb., 1628, two hogsheads of Gascoyne wines, 4li. lOs. Reed. from the great Scotsman brought by Walter Gould, Walter Gall- wey and Edmond Roche, in June, 1629, one hogshead and half of Gascoyne wine, and half butt of Spanish, 6li. 1 Os. Reed. in that month, of the bargain made by Petter Philliator of St. Ma- loes, half a pipe of Spanish wine, 4li. 1 Os. Reed. of the wines consigned to Edward Roche in that month out of St. Maloes, a butt, 9li. Amount, 40li. 108. 4 Oct., 1624. Mem. Curire Civ. Corck temp. Henrici Goold fz. Adam, Maioris., J o- hannis Miagh fz. Henry et Ricardi Hallys fz. Roberti, Vicecom. ejusdem Civitatis.

Sir John Meade, Knt., sworn .Recorder. Stephen Gallwey fz. Geffrey, Swordbearer.

Patrick Roch fz. James, Stay master and Water bailiff. Domk. Roche and John Gallway, Serjeants at mace. William Skiddy and Arthur Skiddy, Porters of the gates. 18 Oct., 1624:. Edmond.Farris and Morris Goold, Petty Serjeants at Mace. Edmond Barrett, Yeoman to Mr. Maior. George Wise and Henry Carrington, Yeomen to the Sheriffs. John Dah~ and Nicholas Verdon, Underporters. James Curtane, Drummer of the city. Walter Morrogh fz. Edmond, Clerk of the market. 15

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