Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



1 July, 1624. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., That Thomas Goold fz. Patrick, in consideration of 10li. paid for the use of the Corporation, whereof part is paid to David Tyrry fz. Edmond, gent., who hath been employed last term in Dublin concerning the office of Searchership, Guagership, W ayer and Packer, then in suit between the Corporation and John Harwood, who pre- sented title thereunto, In consideration thereof we, the Mayor, &c., do grant unto said Thomas Goold the said office of Searchership, Guagership, W ayer and Packer of the City of Oorck and County thereof, To have, &c., the fees, perquisites, profits, &c., from the date hereof until the expiration of Mi- chrelmas next, twelve months, without yielding any account to the Mayor, &c., and we, the Mayor; &c., do bind us and our successors in 30li. ster., to defend the same, &c. 3 Aug., 1624. In regard Patrick Lavallyne of Cork, mercht., hath this day, to supply the Corporation of Cork of their wants, paid 200 pounds ster., Therefo1·e in consideration it is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that said Patrick, his heirs, &c., may receive from time to time one half of the prisage wines which shall come to the Corporation of Cork, after the rate of 9li. ster. every butt of Spanish wine, and 9li. every tun of Burdeux wine, to pay the freight of that moiety, which is to continue until said 200 pounds ster. be paid. ·To all faithful people, &c., John Roch fz. Patrick, Esq., Maior of Cork, Richard Connell and Edmond Morfie, Sheriffs, &c., We, the Maior, &c., for divers considerations tending to the public good of the city, and especially for the sum of 200 pounds ster., paid by the hands of Patrick Lavallyn, Mercht., supplied in our urgent necessity, have given, &c., to said Patrick one half of all prisage of wines, seeks, Spanish, and Canarie wines, and Bur- deux and Gascoyne wines, belonging unto said Mayor, &c., that shall come to the harbour of this city, or any creek in the said harbour, until said sum of 200li. be paid, at the rate of 18li. for every two butts of good sheries, secke, Canary, or Malliga, Spanish wines, or 9li. ster. for every tun of Bur- deux and Gascoyne good wines, at the choice of said Patrick, his ex-

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