Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


they hold, Now we, the Mayor, &c., have enacted as a bye-law, that if any of the Citizens, merchant-vintners, or any other trade, function or mys- tery, shall hereafter break bulke or unlade any wines by them to be imported into this kingdom, or any port, harbour, or creek, other than the harbour of the City of Cork, and compound with the agents or farmers of the prisage of other ports, they shall pay to the Chamberlayn, for the use of the Corpo- ration, 40s. for every ton of wine they shall so retail within said City, to be recovered by action of debt in the Guildhall of said City. Whereas the Corporation of this City hath at this present time occasion to use fifty pounds ster. towards the good of the Corporation, which sum we received at the hands of Morris Roch fz. James, of said city, merchant, we, the Mayor, &c., have made sale of the moiety of the prisage wines now in our possession to said Morris Roch fz. James, which he is to enjoy after Michrelmas day·next until he be paid said fifty pounds, after the rate of nine pounds ster. every butt of Spanish wines, and every tun of Gascoyne and Burdeux wines after the rate of 9li. ster., said Morris to pay the freight, provided that out of this bargain is excepted the sale made to Domk. Roch, Ald., of a butt of sack or a tun of Gascoyn wine. Given under our hands, 22 Aug., 1624. Received towards the payment of the above fifty pounds by said Morrish Roch: First, in Feb., 1624, out of the Charity of Kinsale, Robert Verdon and James Mathew, merchants, one butt of seck, 9li. Out of St. Malos, by Michrel Gold and John Roch, one butt of seck, 9li. In March after, by Richard Rolye, two hogsheads of Gascoyne wine, 4li. lOs. Also received by him out of the ship aforesaid,·one hogshead of wine, 2li. 5s. The receipts _doth amount to 24li. 15s. The remainder, being 25li. 5s., together with 20s. allowed him for lending . a hogshead of wine, amounting in all to 26li. ster., for which a Common Seal, bearing date 8 May, 1625, for the payment of the said 26li. out of the quarter part of the prize wines after the above rate, until the said 26li. be paid.

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