Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


come to the harbour of Cork by Michelmas day next, otherwise sale to be void. 1 June, 1624. Whereas Domic. Roch, Ald., at the instance of the Corporation, and to supply their urgent wants, did lend them 10 pounds ster., It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that the Corporation shall pay unto said Domk., his heirs, &c., 10 pounds within three months after date hereof, or in default said Domk. shall have the first butt of choice seck or a tun of Gascoyne wine of the first prisage wines due the Corporation after three months. · 4 June, 1624. Whereas at an Assembly held at the Guildhall of the City of Corck, July 3, 1587, it ·was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that every tonn of Spanish or Gascoin wines brought to the City out of any City, Corporate town, or other place within this realm, to be retailed by any person, such person shall pay 40s. ster. for every tonn so landed and sellered within this City, and for every ton of Iron so brought to this city 30s. ster., and for every 20s. worth of any kind of wares going beyond see, and brought out of any Corporate town in this realm to this city, 2s. ster., provided always, that every citizen of this city shall have the full benefit of the statute passed March 19, 1573, in the time of William Tyrry, Mayor, Edmond Roch and William Lavallin, Bailiffs. Now, at an Assembly held this day, the Mayor, &c., considering that divers of the merchant-vintners of the said Corporation, for their own advantage, without respect to the . utility of the commonwealths, hath of later days used to unlade some small proportion of such wines as they brought from beyond the seas in some of the harbors or other creeks of this kingdom, with a purpose to make there composition for some small con- sideration with the farmers or agents of the prize wines of the said ports or creeks, and to defeat the Corporation of the benefit of the gracious grant of his Majs. predecessors of their prize wines, whereas they bring the greater quantity of the said wines which they do so convey in the said ves- sels or ships from beyond the seas unto the port of this city, and retail same without yielding any benefit to the Corporation, to their unsupport- able damage, depriving them of the most profitable point of the Charter

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