Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


eoutors, &c., To have one half of all prisage of wines, until the payment of the said 200 pounds, &c. Dated 3 August, 1624. Mem. It doth appear in the next leaf how this money is paid. 4 Oct., 1624. An Act for the avoidance of such inconvenience as do yearly arise upon the election of Magistrates in this City. It is agreed by this assembly, and established as a bye-law, that whosoever shall be chosen Mayor, according to the ancient custom, shall without delay, upon notice given him, repair unto the Court and take his oath according to the usual manner, and if he shall refuse to take upon him said office, he shall forfeit the sum of 20~li., to be levied by way of distress, for the use of the Corporation, and if he shall be chosen and take the office of Mayor, and afterwards claim to be deposed, he shall pay ten pounds per month to him that shall succeed in his room, until the feast of St. Michrel next ensueing, and he shall loose the station of Mayor or Alderman, as if he were never sworn ; and further, whoever shall be elected Sheriff shall accept hereof, on summons given them, or each of them forfeit 100 marks, and shall pay three pounds per month unto his successor until the year be expired, and if he fail in the performance of the same he is to loose the degree of Sheriff as if he were never elected. 20 June, 1625. The above bye-law in this page recited, is by the Mayor, &c., confinned for ever, and that the Mayor or Sheriffs elected paying their fine, or finding competent men to succeed them, as above specified, shall have the place and station of a magistrate, as if they had continued a whole year. HE. GoLDE, Maior. JOHN MEADE, Vic. RICHARD HALYE, Vic. DAVID TYRRY, Com. Speaker. 2 Oct., 1626. At an assembly held by_the Mayor, &c., It was agreed that no man infringe said bye-law. Pat?-icke Lavallyne's receipts. Reed. 1 Jan., 1624, out of Edmond Tyrry's ship, one ton of Burdeux wine, 9li.

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