Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


upon mature advice, ordained and enacted by the Maior, Sheriffs and Citi- zens of this City, publickly assembled in the Tholsel of the City, upon the 10 October, 1622, that whatsoever thatch house within the walls of the City shall not be uncovered of said thatch before the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist in the year 1623, it shall be lawful for such persons as be authorized by the Mayor, &c., to pull down all the thatch from any of said houses covered therewith within the City, and any person not reforming same before said feast, shall forfeit to the Corporation the sum of 40 pounds ster. for each house, the same to be recovered by action of debt in the Tollsel of the City, _by the Chamberlayne for the time being. 8 Oct., 1622. & the Corporation is at this present destitute of means to defray the expenses of the new Mayor, Mr. John Roch fz. Patrick, and other uaes, &c., It is agreed by the Mayor, &c., that a tax of six score pounds shall be assessed upon the inhabitants and freemen of this Corporation, to be paid to the Maior for his entertainment, said tax to be assessed by the under- named persons, the Chamberlayn to have receipt, without any fees for the same: 1. Thomas Goold fz. Will. of Cork, Ald.

8. George Morroghe, of same. 9. James Karney, of same, gen. 10. David Martell, of same, gen. 11. Patrick Croning, of same. 12. John Coppinger fz. Adam, gen. 13. Clement Skiddy, of same, gen. 14. Walter Gallway, of same. 15. John Goold fz. William, of same. 16. Thomas Goold fz. Patrick.

2. Patrick Roch fz. Morris, gen. 3. Adam Goold fz. Patrick, of same. 4. Morris Roch, of same, gen. 5. David Goold fz. Adam, gen. 6. Edmond Martell, of same, gen. 7. Geffrey Gallwaye, of same, gen.

12 Oct., 1622. As John Goold fz. William hath lent the Corporation 22 pounds ster. to supply their agent now employed in Dublin, It is agreed in the Guildhall, this day, by the Maior, &c., that said John shall have the first two tuns of Gascoyne wines of the first prisage wines coming due to the Corporation free of all freight, unless he be paid by 15 Nov. next.

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