Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Patrick Tyrry. David Goold. Edmond Morrogh. James Morrogh. Morish Kint. Thomas Goold. Robert Browne, Teige McShane.

Domk. Roch. Patrick * * * David Tyrry, William Meade. Piris Tyrry. Adam Goold. John Coppinger.

30 Sep., 1522. Mem. Cur. Civ. Cork, temp. J ohannis Roch fz. Patrick, Maioris, Rich- ard Connell et Edmund Murffie, Vicecom. ejusdem Civitatis. sr Edward Harrys, Knt., sworn Recorder. Edward Milles, Swordbearer. Will. Skiddy fz. George and Arthur Skiddy, Porters. Domk. Roch fz. Edmond and Thomas Arthure, Serjeants at Mace. Morris Goold and Edmond Farris, Petty Serjeants. Nicholas Verdon and John Dahill, Petty Porters. Edmond Barrett, John Creymynn, Henry Carrington,Yeomen and Waiters. James Martell, Stay master. John Arthur, Chambe:dayn. Edmond Tyrry, .Ald., and Michrel Gallwey, Overseers. Richd. Connell shall exercise the place of Town Clerk, in regard he took upon himself to be Sheriff. Wbereas the City of Corcke hath been often times afflicted with fyrings, and especially this year of our Lord, 1622, wherein near 1500 houses in the City and suburbs were consumed, and the whole city put in extremity of danger to be totally burned, which mischief hath arisen by thatch houses, for prevention whereof in part it hath been provided by former bye-laws, that no house newly built or re-edified shoul~ be covered with thatch, but for such as stood at the time of the said bye-laws so covered, being then a great number, no remedy was provided, but now, being truly enformed by the late grievous loss, and led by the example of the City o£ Limerick in the like case, and well weighing that the charge unto the pos- sessors will not be great in covering such thatch houses as stand within the city, which are but few in number, with stone or boards, or howsoever, a few particular men .ought not to weigh against the common safety, it is,

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