Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


31 Oct., 1622. William Gallway fz. John sworn free, for which he paid 20s. allowed out of the 5 pounds lent by his father, John Gallway, which 5 pounds was all paid to 20s. to the said. 3 Nov., 1622. John Skiddy fz. William is admitted free paying 30s., afterwards reduced to 20s. Patrick· Tyrry fz. Peeres is admitted free paying 20s. Peeres Tyrry fz. Peeres is admitted free paying 20s. George Gallway fz. Richard is admitted free paying 4 nobles, afterwards reduced to 20s. Michell Goold fz. James is admitted free paying 4 nobles.

27 Aug., 1623.

Robert Travers, Esq., is sworn free.

29 Aug., 1623.

John Black sworn free paying 40s.

3 Sep., 1623. Stephen Meade, mercht., sworn free, paying lOs., and no more, i~ regard h:e is a mayor's son. Richd. Connell fz. Thomas, sworn free paying 5 nobles, being a freeman's son, which was bestowed upon David Gallwey fz. George by the Corpora- tion, being a man that bore office in the City, and since that decayed of his means. Marcus Kearny is sworn free, as he hath served out his apprentiship of seven years to Edward Roch fz. Morris, and paid 5 nobles. 7 July, 1623. It was agreed in the ToUsey of Corck, by the Mayor.t &c., that Doiilk. Tyrry, Ald., shall have the first butt of seck or ton of the fu~t Gascoyne wines at his own cho1ce of the first prisage wines coming due to the har- bour of Cork, for which he hath paid 11li. ~ter. and the freight, which money was delivered to John Roch, Mayor, who is sent for by the Lord President~

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