Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



26 Sep., 1622. We find that the walls in controversy betwixt Andrew Gallway's house and Richard Hally's house is a party wall, and tl1at everyone of them shall make use thereof as their predecessors did. David Tyrry fz. Stephen. John Goold. William Tyrry. Patrick Miagh. Henry Goold. Robert Browne. Stephen Skiddmore. Teig Carty. James Morrogh. Cahir Cullenane. John Collman. Cnoghor Lyan. Clement Skiddy. Your charge is to enquire and find out the true bounds now in question and the course of the drop betwixt Mr. George Goold, Ald., and Robert Verdon and Ellis Gallway, his mother; present to the Court as you find. Patrick Tyrry, Ald. William Meade, gent. Dominick Roche, Ald. David Goold fz. Adame, gent. Edmond Morrogh, gent. Morris Kint, gent. James Morrogh, gent. John Coppinger, gent. David Tyrry fz. Edmond, gent. Thomas Gold fz. Patrick, gent. Adam Goold fz. Patrick, gent. Robert Browne, mason. Piers Tirry fz. Frances, gent. Teig McShane Carti, mason. We present that the new house builded by Mr. John Verdon, dec., the east part thereof did encroach upon the north messuage thereto next ad- joyning by two inches and half square, notwithstanding we find that this our verdict shall not prejudice the said house, and shall have the droppe of his tile in the next lane as now he hath, and having a line three inches and a half to the northward of the said wall, to the mark that we have made upon the king's wall, that a corbett with a cross in the midst shall be put directly with the said mark in the king's wall, and that to be ever here- after the true bounds ; and that Mr. George Goold shall be at the charge of said corbett, and that there shall be a sink twelve inches broad right un- derneath the said corbett in the kings wall, for conveying their droppe, at the cost of Robert Verdon and his mother, Ellis Gallwey.

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