Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Mr. Domk. Roch, Ald., that as the corporation is indebted unto said Domk. in the sum of 15li. 15s. 7d., that said Domk. shall go in the behalf of the prisage of wines of Nicholas Roch and other merchants (whether they bring prisage or not), now bound in a little barque called the George of Pas- tow, whereof Morgan Philips is Master, and is of the burden of thirty tons, so as the said prisage shall not exceed above a tun in full satisfaction of said sum, and if said prisage shall exceed said sum, overplus to be for the use of the Corporation, said Domk. bear-ing the venture, freight, &c. JOHN CoPPINGER, Maior. JOHN ADDIS, Vic. JOHN TucKER, Vic. [Cancelled.] 26 Feb., 1621. It was agreed by the deputy Maior, &c., that whatsoever merchant or free- man of the Corporation as will buy such quantity of seck as Richard Eddis brought to the harbour of Cork, shall pay the Chamberlayn for every butt of said wine the sum of 5s. ster., upon landing said wines ; and it is agreed that said Richard shall have licence of the market to sell what other com- modoties he hath.

20 March, 1621. James Duley is sworn free paying 5 nobles.

28 June, 1622. It was agreed by the Maior, &c., that as Thomas Goold fz. Will., Ald., hath delivered to this Corporation the sum of 10 pounds ster. to supply their urgent want, and for the employment of an agent this term in Dublin, we have in open Court, this day, sold to said Thomas one butt of Seck or Cheris of the first prisage wines as shall come to this Corporation in any ship, barge, or vessel, whereof he shall make choice and clear the freight, &c. For performance whereof we the Maior, &c., bind ourselves. JOHN COPPINGER, Maior. JOHN .ADDIS, Vic.

12 July, 1622. Sir James Barrett, Knt., is sworn free and a Councellor of this City.

31 July, 1622. Patrick Roch fz. John is sworn free paying 13s. ster.

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