Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Patrick Roch fz. Morris, gent, Edmond Martell, gent., Henry Verden, gent., Michell Gallway, gent., Robert Browne, and Teig McShane, Masons. We the said persons finding a Corbett with a croft ·on the east side of the slip mearing the said James Gallway's messuage on the north, and Piers Goold fz. Richard ·on the south, from which Corbett a line being directly drawn along the west to a pier of a wall of lime and stone of two foot thick, which wall we esteem to have been a~ciently a party wall between the gar- den of Mr. George Goold on the south, and James Gallway's garden on the north ; and accordingly we have thought fit the said wall betwixt.the said parties, casting a line directly from the crofte in the said Corbett in Piers Goold fz. Rickard his wall, to the croft newly made in the king's wall ~n the west, by our appointment, and that to remain perpetually as a mear be- twixt both the said lands. Witness our hands, 17 May, 1621. [Same names.] 17 May, 1621. That where Morris 'Roche fz. James, mercht., bought certain Gascoyne wines at Kinsale, being five tons which he landed at Cork, out of which custom was due to the Corporation, for which he referred himself to four indifferent men, viz., Mr. Edmond Tyrry, Mr. John Coppinger, Mr. Domk. Roch, and Mr. Thomas Goold, Ald., who have ordered him to pay lOs. for every tun he bought, which amounted to 12 pounds, and that same should be forthwith paid in pursuance of according to a bye-law made in the time of Robt. Coppinger fz. Edmond, Mayor, which five tuns of wine was bought of a certain Frenchman by said Morris. Same day, the first butt of Sack or Cheris wine which shall come to this harbour, prize wines belonging to the Corporation, is sold to George Mor- roghe for 12 pounds, and said George to pay no freight or any other duty, .which 12 pounds is to be expended towards building the bridge of the North Gate of Cork. 30 June, 1621. The first two pipes of seck or cheries which shall come to this harbour of prize wines belonging to the Corporation next after the payment of one butt of seck sold formerly to George Morroghe is sold to Mr. Domk. Roch, Ald., for 22 pounds clear of all charges, which 22 pounds, with eight pounds more

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