Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



18 Aug., 1621. This entry was disannulled by directions of the Lords Justices of Assize, order bearing date the 14 day of August, 1621, as hereafter appeareth in a public Assembly held at the Guildhall, by the Mayor, &c., at which time, in performance of said order, the money was tendered to said Martin Herman, by the Sheriff and Chamberlain, which he refused to receive. 15 May, 1621. This day, Andrew Skiddy, Esq., Mayor of this City of Corck, in Court be- stowed freely of himself two hogsheads of Gascoyne wynes due unto him of the Corporation towards building the north bridge of Corcke, now decayed. Apud Oorck, 14 Aug., 1621. Upon hearing of the cause in open Court, in presence of all parties and their learned Council, it appeareth unto us by the depositions of divers Aldermen, &c., that Martyne Herman was unduly sworn a freeman of said city, by the Mayor, without the consent of the Aldermen. We there- fore order that the Mayor, &c., disfranchise him of his freedom, and that his name be crossed out of the list of said freemen, and we require the Cham- berlain to restore him whatsoever money he received from said Herman; and it is further ordered that the Mayor for the time being shall not here- after admit any foreigner to the freedom of this City without the general consent and public assembly and voice of the Aldermen and freemen; and we require the Mayor, &c., to put this order in due execution, under pain of 1 00li. DOMINICK SARSFIELD, GERALD LoTHER. 17 May, 1621. Whereas there is a controversy of mearing and bounding betwixt Mr. George Gold, Ald., and James Gallway fz. John, gen., concerning the bound- ing of the land of the said Mr. George Goold, called" Goole's garden," of the south side and the lands of t~e said James, on the north side, the deci~g of which is referred to the undermentioned persons, praying you to find out the true meares ; and whatever you do herein shall be binding for ever hereafter. Cork, 23 April, 1621.-ANDREW SKIDDY, Mayor. To our wellbeloved Mr. Dominick Roch, Ald., Geoffrey Gallway, gent.,

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