Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


Item, upon the Tower called Ronan's Tower, which Edmond Pounch holdeth. [Here follows a list of commodities with the rates to be collected, as at p. 89.] JOHN SKYDDY, Maior. Enw. HARRYS, Recordat. Henry Roberts, Vic. Richard Rowse, R. R. Vic., (his mark). Edmo. Tyrry. David Tyrry fz. Stephen. Dom. Roche. Dom. Tyrrye. 8 .Aug., 1627. Domk. Roche, .Ald., appeared before us in .the Tholsell, and delivered sufficient discharges of all the mortgages contained in a deed bearing date 20 Mar., 1620, which were to be redeemed by the 12 of afore- said month of .Aug. WILLM. HORE, Maior. JOHN GOULDE, Vic. John Coppinger, Thomas Coppinger, Dom. Tyrrye. 23 March, 1620. The Mayor, &c., do promise to satisfy and pay Mr. Thomas Moore, or, in his absence, Mr. Thomas Batts, the sum of 30li., on or before the last day of May next, for the charges which the said Mr. Moore was at in England and Dublin, for procuring the transportation of wool, and fell and allotted upon this Corporation by the Lord President and Council for their part of the said charges spent by Mr. Moore. William Roche fz. Domk. sworn free paying lOs., for which he passed his word for the payment to John .Arthur, Chamberlain. Patrick Skiddy is admitted same day paying 13s. 9d., which was reduced by the Maior, &c., to lOs.; said Patrick passed his word to the Chamberlain. 17 April, 1621. Richard, Lord Bp. of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, is admitted free, and sworn Councillor of the City. 20 April, 1621. Martin Herman is sworn free, provided he shall keep his standing and shop within the city, for performance hereof he hath taken his corporal oath and paid for his freedom 6 pounds to be delivered to the Chamberlain. [Cancelled.]

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