Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


of the tax money, was paid to one Thomas More, to whom the Corporation was indebted in so much allotted unto him by order of the Council Table of this province, for which two pipes of wine to said Dominick Roch we have passed a Common seal, dated 13 July, 1621. 12 Aug., 1621. A .tax hath been put on several commodoties imported and exported of "the City, by way of a bye-law, and in lieu of pontadg, pavage, murage and toll of market, to continue for the space of one year next ensuing, which . tax on 20 March last hath been newly established for 12 years from Feb. 1 next ensuing, for the public benefit of the City, and as by the last bye-law the taxation is not to begin before Feb. 1 next, so that an interim between the 12 of this month and Feb. 1 nex~ is not expressly provided for, which may to some captious persons seem to give absolute freedom, The corpora- tion require the continuance of the taxation mediately between Aug. 12 and Feb. 1. .And. Skyddy, Maior. Edw. Harrys, Edmo. Tyrrye, John Cop- pinger (bis.), Pat. Tyrrye, David Tyrrye fz. Stephen, Will. Skiddie, Henry Roberts, Vic., Pa. Tyn-y (?), John Goolde, Speaker, Richard Connell, Cler. Curire. 3 Sep., 1621. Robert Verdon is admitted free paying but 20s.,· as his father was a bailiff, a Councillor, and in election of Mayor. Walters"Gold fz. Perce, do., paying 20s. and no more, as his father did good service in the Commonwealth of this City. John fz. Waters, do., paying 40s., as he served his apprentiship in this City for seven years, and he promised to marry in this City, and pay as was pro- vided in the bye-law. William Nagle for the like reason is admitted free paying 40s., as he is to ·perform the byelaw made for marriage in the City. David Morogh fz. Patrick is admitted free, for which he ought to pay 5 nobles, but as his father lent the Court some money in times past he is to pay 21s., the remainder to be charged on his father's debt. James Morogh fz. Pat., do., for the reason aforesaid: paying 22s. 12 Oct., 1621. Richard Pronovill is admitted free paying 40s., as he served his apprenti- 13

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