Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


that the fine so levied shall be allowed unto the Maior, &c., whereof the· Clerk of the Pipe is to give allowance, &c. WILLIAM WETHWOLD, Chief Baron. WILLIAM TYRRY, Mayor. "Civ. Corck. This order was entred in the first and second remembranc office and in the auditor's office, and entred in this book 26 July, 1620, which order was procured by Adam Goold, and by him entred in the said several offices. The original is with Mr. John Arthur, Chamberlayne." (Note on margin.) 30 June, 1619. John Colman fz. David fz. John is admitted free paying 4li. 4s., due to his mother in consideration that she departed from a farm that she had in some part of the lands whereupon the hospital was erected, also for the ·sum of 30s. now paid the Chamberlain. 2 July, 1619. On the closeing of the accounts, there is due to the agent, Adam Gold, over and besides the sums of money he hath last Easter and Trinity terms, the sum of four pounds eighteen shill. which he is to receive from the Chamberlain. A note of what orders the Agent delivered to the Mayor : A Commission concerning the Fahie. Another for the Ease of Sr. Gerrott Moore's rent. An order for the fines, and for the discharge of the Sheriffs concerning the same. A Commission to bring the debtors of the Citti~ before certain commis- siOners. 21 July, 1619. Edmond Cleare, shoemaker, is admitted free paying 3li. ster., whereof 1 Os. is allowed to Mr. Sheriff Cooke. 22 Sep., 1619. John Skiddie fz. Richard is admitted free paying 5 nobles, and the sam.e_ was released to 20s., which was allowed to Mr. John Coppinger, Ald., in part paY!Jlent of 30s. due to him by warrant.

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