Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



26 Ap., 1619. The Charter of King James granted to this Corporation is sent, by consent of the brethren, by the guide Dudley, to Dublin, upon the Agent's letter. 26 May, 1619. David Tyrrye fz. David, Ald., delivered up in Court this day, to be laid up in the Common Chest, one Charter granted by Queen Eliz., to this Cor- poration, for making a Searcher and Guager for this City, and two pardons to the Citizens, and a quietus est for the fee farme and the rent of the Fahie granted in the time that James Earl of Ormond was Lord Deputy ; he delivered, also, other parcels of writings, all which are put into a box painted, which box is put into the Common Chest. 28 May, 1619. This day Mr. William Gold, Ald., delivered up in Court a Quietus for the arrears of fee farme under the broad seal, dated 27 Dec., 10 year of his Maj. reign, and a Oessat under the exchequer seal, for the fines dated 7 June, 12 of his Maj. reign, the counterpawn of the Mortgage of the moietie of the prisage under the hand and seal of Sir John fz. Edmond ; a copy of a fieri facias out of the Exchequer, dated 11 May, 12 of the King's reign; four acquittances concerning the prisage due to Sir John fz. Gerald, the last bearing date 17 .Aug., 1618,-also made by Sir Garratt Moore, Knt., of the mortmain to Mr. William Skiddie. Present at the delivery of these writings, . Mr. Maior, both Sheriffs, Mr. Edmond Tirrie, Mr. John Coppinger, Mr. Wil- liam Skidy, Mr. David Tirrie, Mr. Thomas Gold, .Ald., Mr. John Verdon, Edmond Martell, Adam Gold, Thomas Ronane, and others. 12 June, 1619. Robt. Myntren Chandler ·is admitted free paying three pounds. 16 June, 1619. Whereas processes issued out of this Court to the Sheriff of the City of Corcke for levying of divers fines imposed on the inhabitants by the Lords Justices of Assizes, &c., such an order formerly conceived by this Court, bearing date 7 May, 16l8, which the Mayor, &c., challenge to be levied to their use, by virtue of their Charter, upon view of said Charter it is ordered 11-2

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