Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Whereas there was due upon the Corporation to Mr. Edmond Tirrie, Ald., for the remainder of his fees due for being one of the Burgesses of this City in the last Parliament, 13 pounds ster. And whereas so much money be--: longing to the new hospital came to the hands of the said Tirrie, which was not repaid yet, and as his fellow burgess was paid his entire fees. It was agreed that the said Mr. Tirrie be discharged of the 13 pounds ster- for ever. 1 Ma1·ch, 1618. It was agreed that Mr. David Tirrie fz. Edmond, late agent for this City in England, shall now be employed as agent to follow the cause of fee farm now and before questioned, to have 6s. Sd. per diem, from the day of his departure to his return to Corck, and the Corporation confirm the former letter of Attorney to said Agent granted. 15 March, 1618. Harrie Carrington is admitted and sworn yeoman in lieu of John Walsh, deceased. David Ghilbert, tanner, is admitted free paying 3li. 6s. 8d. ster. John Ghilbert is admitted free paying 6li. 13s. 4d. 12 .Ap., 1619. David fz. Gerrott Barrie, of Kyldeanyne, gent., is admitted free, and the rather for that he and his ancestors were ever loyal subjects to his MajY. and loving neighbours to this City. 14 .Ap., 1619. The first pipe or butt of choice sack or cherie prize wines which shall come to this City, was canted in Court and sold for eleven pounds to Mr. Thomas Gold, Ald., the Chamberlain to pay the freight, for which he is to have a common seal for the receipt and warrant hereof. JOHN COPPINGER, Maior. EDMO. TYRRYE. Mr. Adam Gold is appointed Agent for Dublin this Easter term, and is to have six shillings per diem so long as he shall attend the City business, and towards .the same he received in hand 12 pounds, and if he be driven to borrow moneys to effect his business, the Corporation to pay, so that said sum shall not exceed 10 pounds.

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