Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Robt. _Coppinger fz. Domk. is admitted free in like manner, which was re- duced to 15s., and lOs. is allowed to Mr. Coppinger, in allowance of his warrant. Richard Arthoure fz. John is admitted free, paying 13s. 4d. 4 Oct., 1619. Mr. William Tirrie fz. Richard is sworn a Councillor. Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore Willmi. Tirrie fz. Richd., Maioris, J ohannis Ghilbert et Roberti Myntren, Vicecom. ejusdem Civitatis. 5 Oct., 1619. Sir Thomas Southwell, Knt., admitted free of this City and sworn Coun- cillor. 11 Oct., 1619.

Edward _Mylls sworn Swordbearer. James Martell, under Waterbailiff. James Mantell and A.r~hour Skiddie, porters. ' Clement Tirrie and Stephen Gallwey, Serjeants at M'ace.

It was agreed by all the Aldermen, &c., that the Mayor shall be monthly paid at the rate of ten pounds, and what gratulation besides the late Mayor had from the Corporation. 18 Oct., 1619. Thomas Skiddie and Morice Gold sworn petty serjeants. William Moroghe and Nicholas Verdon, under porters. Edmond Barrett, yeoman to the Maior. John Chemyne and Harie Carington, yeomen to the Sheriffs. Andrew Gallwey, one of the Pilots, the rest to be sworn before the Mayor one after the other as.they come. James Courtayne, drummer. David Dudly, guide. Edmond Mortimer, Bellman. Mr. Edmond Tirrie, Ald., and John Roch fz. James, overseers. Mr. John Arthoure, Chamberlayn. . Christopher Gallway fz. John, Common Speaker.

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