Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


7 Dec., 1618. John MacTeige Murrogh is admitted free paying 6U. to the Chamberlain, or build a cabin at the South bridge by the last of May next, for which he is bound in bonds to John Arthor, Chamberlain. 11 Dec., 1618. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that the benevolence granted the last year by the Corporation, at both the gates and the marine gate, shall con- tinue from Jan. 31 next, untill same day next ensuing, for the good of the Corporation, they being far in debt and having no other means to supply their wants, an,d especially for that they are mortgaged for moneys laid out by their agent about the fee farme of the City for which he was employed in England. The same day, the same benevolence was farmed to Adam Gold fz. Patrick for 125 pounds ster., which he is to deliver into the hands of Mr. George Gold, Ald., to be kept till order be taken for the delivery thereof to the Agent, David Tirrie fz. Edmond. 20 Jan., 1618. Robt. Coppinger fz. William is sworn one of the Attornies of this City. 11 Feb., 1618. The pulling down of the work begun by John ~ailie, near the porch of Christ Church, on the lands of the Corporation, by the Maior this day, was by common consent agreed upon, which they will defend by law. As certain merchants now dwelling at St. Francis Abbey, near this City~ that are neither free of the city nor of the staple, have lately laden aboard a bark now riding at Blackrock certain hides and other commodities·which were foreign bought and foreign sold, and laden without entry made in the Staple Court, for which cause the bark was staied by the Maior, until said merchants shall be conferred with, which was this very day. And on de- bating the cause, the Council and Commons being present, it was thought good that the said hides, &c., aboard said bark, which are forbidden to be transported in this port but by freemen of the staple, shall be brought from said bark to this City. The Mayor to be saved harmless. 11

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