Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


James Gallway and Philip Gold are sureties for Stephen Gallwey 1n 100li. apiece, and Stephen in 100li. Mr. Wm. Gold and Edmond Morogh are bound for the Chamberlain in 1000 pounds apiece, with the condition that Edmond Gold was bound in. John Roch fz. Moris and John Arthour al'e sureties for James Martell. Robt. Miagh and Domk. Roch fz. J a. are sureties for Arthur Skiddy. 7 Nov., 1618. Mr. William Gold, late Maior, delivered up in Court 4 Charters, viz., The Charter of Edward 4, one charter of King Henry 8th, one charter of Queen Eliz., and one Charter of King James, and one " Quietus est " out of the Exchequer, for the fee farm of wax. (Note on margin.) Mr. Tirrie, agent, hath two of these Charters, and the other two Charters now delivered in Court by the late Mayor, Mr. John Coppinger, to the now Maior, the 30 of Oct. 1619. That the Council have commissioned Mr. John Meade to compound this Mich::elmas term in Dublin for the ticket concerning the foot company of Sir Richard Morison, and have allowed him a noble per day as long as he shall be employed in that business and other Corporation causes, to- gether with allowance for what he shall dispense for the Corporation. 25 Nov., 1618. Adam Gold did produce in Court three several Mondaies, a silver Jewell, in the midst thereof there was a darkish stone of aroime [sic] set and em- broidered about with red stones, four of them with three square, and eight four square, which jewell was pawned unto him about a year and a day past by one David Pounch fz. Patrick, for 40s., and as said David appeared not, being solemnly called in Court three several Mondays, The praisement of the said jewel was referred to Moris Gold fz. John, merchant, and Ri- chard Gold, goldsmith, who have returned the same jewell is worth 30s. ster. 4 Dec., 1618. Patrick Coppinger fz. Adam is admitted to his freedom, gratis.

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