Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals



Mem. Curire Civ. Corck tempore J ohannis Coppinger fz. John, Maioris. Roberti Glover et Ricard.i Cook, Vicecomit. ejusdem Civitatis.

(Mem. 17 Dec., 1618, a deed of fee farme of the middle east marsh was granted by said Mayor, &c., to George Terry fz. Edmond, Ald.)

It was agreed that the Mayor shall receive the revenue of the city, or of such other means as the Corporation may best make, ten pounds monthly, during the time he shall continue mayor, &c. Edw. Harrys, Doin. Sarsfelde, Robert Glover, Sher., Edmond Tyrrye, William, Pat. Tyrrye, Thomas Coppinger, Thomas Golde, David Tyrrye fz. Stephen, Adam Golde, Speaker. 12 Oct., 1618. Edward Harris, Esq., Chief Justice of Munster, is sworn Recorder. Peter Marcks was admitted attorney in this Court. Richard Cooke is admitted and sworn a freeman and one of the Sheriffs. Edward Mylls is swom sword bearer. James Martell fz. Robt. is sworn deputyWater bailiff and staie master.· John, Lord Bishopp of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, is admitted to his freedom. James Martell and Arthur are sworn porters. Clement Tirrie and Stephen Gallway are sworn Sergeants at Mace. The said Lord Bishopp is sworn a Councillor. Thomas Skiddie and Morris Gold are sworn petty Sergeants, during the Maior's pleasure. John Walsh and John fz. Richard are sworn yeomen. Oliver Gallway, Thomas Colnane, Dermod Odonevane and Andrewe Gallway, are sworn pilots. James Curtane is sworn drummer. Edmond Mortimer is sworn bellman. Mr. George Tirrie and John Verdon are sworn overseers. Mr. Geffrey Gallway is sworn Common Speaker. Mr. John Arthoure is chosen Chamberlain. Robt. Miagh and Adam Gold are sureties for Clement Tirry, in lOOli. apiece, and Clement himself in lOOli.

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