Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


3 Aug., 1618. It was agreed by the Mayor, &c., that Mr. David Tirrie fz. Edmond shall be employed Agent for this City to repair to the Court of England, to solicit the fee farme now questionable, and such other occasions as shall be to him delivered to effect same service; he is to receive 6s. 8d. per day, to begin the first day after his departure from the city, to end the first day of his return. Provided always that he remain no longer at Court than he shall be directed by the Mayor, his money to oe provided by the Corporation out of their revenues. WILL. GoOLDE, Maior. THOMAS MoRLEY, Vic. ADAM GOLDE, Comon Speaker. 7 Aug., 1618. Richard McLawne, a freeman's son, and one that served Mr. Edmond Martell, is admitted free paying 30s. The remainder is remitted by the Court. 14 Aug., 1618. This day, Mr. David Tirrie fz. David, ..Ald., delivered in Court three char- t~s, which he had long time in his keeping, v·iz., two Charters of Edward the 4th, and a Charter·of King Henry the 8th, all which were put . in the Common Chest. The said David hath more Charters in his custody. The little Charter of Edward the 4th, which.said David Tirrie delivered up, and the exemplification of the Charters brought from Dublin by Mr. John Coppinger, were delivered to David Tirrie fz. Edmond, to be brought to England. · 18 Aug., 1618. William Kent fz. Richard is admitted free paying 4 nobles, the other noble remitted at the request of Mr. Sheriff Morley. Stephen Gold fz. Pierce admitted free paying but 20s. in regard his father was a bailiff's speere. 5 Oct., 1618. Sir William Sarsfield, Knt., was admitted to his freedom and sworn a Councellor of this City. Walter Gallwey fz. John admitted free. . Mr. John Coppinger fz. John sworn a councellor.

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