Rich. Caulfield Council Book of Cork & early annals


England, to deal for the farm of the city, now questionable, and for that there is no revenue in hand to furnish said agent with money, and as it is held by the Mayor, &c., that the best and easiest way to procure mon~ys, as w~ll for that purpose as for the city causes, is to continue the Act of a benevolence granted by the Comonalty the 27 Oct. last, to be collected at both gates and the marine gate of this city, for one whole year more, to begin 27 Oct. next. Will Goolde, Maior, George Tyrrye, Andr. Gallwey, Da. Tyrry, Edmo. · Tyrry, John Coppinger, David Tyrrye fz. Stephen, Willm. Skiddie, Phillipp Goolde, John Verdon, John Roach. 28 July, 1618. Dominick Tirrie fz. James, a councellor's son, is admitted free, paying 20s., the rest was allowed for special occasion moving the court. 30 July, 1618. The benevolence of both the gates and the marine gate is farmed from the last day of this month until the 1st Nov. next, to Mr. David Tyrry fz. Stephen, Ald., in consideration of 50 pounds instantly to be paid by him to the .Corporation, to supply the agent now to be employed for the .Affairs of the city at the Court of England. It is provided that the freemen shall pay no custom for their beer or ales. The benevolence of both the gates and the marine gate is farmed to Mr. William Skiddie, Ald., for three months, beginning 1 Nov. next, and ending last day of January, in consideration of 47 pounds to be instantly paid to supply the Agent for England, as for other occasions of this city. Provided that no custom for beer or ale. 31 July, 1618. Michrel Morrogh is admitted free paying 5 nobles, which was reduced by the court to 4 nobles for certain good considerations them moving. William Darwell was three several Mondays called upon in court to re- deem four locks pawned by him, for 16s., to John Cheslyne, and for that he did not ·appear, the praising of said locks was referred to Patrick Cro- nyng, merchant, and Thomas Carcant, smyth, who returned that the said locks were worth 24s. ster. English money.

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