Sophie O'Brien Descriptive List (Ref. PR25)


C: News clippings


By Sophie O’Brien

29 1930-1938 File of news clippings containing articles by Sophie O'Brien, from Irish Monthly, Evening Herald, Irish Press, Father Mathew Record, New Zealand Tablet, Irish Catholic, Irish Independent and The Advocate. Such as, ‘William O’Brien’s Religion’ (Father Mathew Record, c.1930), and such as concerning Master Geraghty, the Wandering Schoolmaster of Connaught (The Evening Herald, 21 November 1934), and such as ‘Recollections of the Holy Land (Irish Monthly, March 1936), and such as ‘A Famous Chapter in Irish History (2)’ concerning William O'Brien’s refusal to accept the leadership of the Irish Party (Irish Press, 28 April 1938) 21 items II: Other


1905-1934 File of news clippings from Cork Free Press, Cork Weekly Chronicle, Irish Independent, the Daily News, The Universe, the Catholic Herald, New Zealand Tablet, The Tribune and Weekly Free Press. Mainly relate to William O'Brien. Such as, concerning the resignation of William O'Brien M.P. (Cork Weekly Chronicle 3 April 1909), and such as, concerning a public meeting in Cork City Hall on Ireland’s involvement in the war, with text of speech by William O'Brien (Cork Free Press, 3 September 1914), and such as, letter from Moray McLaren concerning the late Mr. André Raffalovich (brother of Sophie O'Brien) (16 February 1934), and such as article by William O'Brien concerning Tim M. Healy (The Tribune, undated) 13 items

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