Sophie O'Brien Descriptive List (Ref. PR25)


Ireland and has ‘given up thinking of anything about my manuscripts…’. 2pp


3 September 1945 Letter, from Sophie O'Brien, Haut Garonne, France, to ‘My very dear Friend’. O’Brien is joyful that they are not ill and their silence was ‘due to trying to get into touch with Professor O’Rahilly and that you are awaiting the visit of the lady he is sending you’. Refers to a manuscript and the ‘difficulties of publishing at present’. She will put on paper all she knows about Russia. Sends compliments on an ‘interesting’ idea, and expresses ‘thorough confidence in you...for good and all…My husband used to tell me I was simpliste…when things went well, I rejoiced…he foresaw all that might go wrong- and he worried accordingly’. She used to tell William O'Brien that Cardinal Newman had the same ‘terrible faculty of self torment. Only my husband had an advantage…he had a wife who sometimes succeeded in making him laugh…’. Sends warm good wishes to their husband and children. 4pp

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