Sophie O'Brien Descriptive List (Ref. PR25)


D: Photographs



Full length portrait photograph of William O’Brien’s elder brother, James O’Brien. 5 x 10cm 32 c.1880-1930 Portrait Photograph of religious sister. 6 x 8 cm 33 c.1880-1930 Portrait photograph of ‘M. Guillaume Great French Sculptor who came to our wedding and offered to make a monument to John Mandeville’. (Photo. by Fd. Mulnier, Paris). 6 x 10 cm 34 c.1880 Portrait photograph of André Raffalovich, brother of Sophie O'Brien. 6 x 9 cm 35 c.1880 Full length portrait photograph of André Raffalovich at age 19. 10 x 21 cm 36 1887

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