Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/1/ (FILE 1 )

11 Copy of previous scheme for the administration of National Arbitration Courts without amendments. [June 1920] 2pp 12 Circular to MacSwiney from Diarmuid Ó’hEigceartuigh (Diarmuid O'Hegarty), Secretary Dáil Éireann, enclosing a report on milk production which was presented to the Acting President Dáil Éireann (Arthur Griffith) by the Commission of Inquiry into the Resources and Industries of Ireland. (No enclosure) 13 July 1920 1p 13 Circular from MacSwiney to the Registrars of all Parish Courts Mid Cork, requesting details about the workings of the courts for the benefit of the Department of Home Affairs. Requests a list of Justices in each ParishCourt, the name and address of each Registrar, whether the press attends and whether lists of cases and penalties are published in individual parishes. 13 July 1920 1p 14 Copy letter from MacSwiney to John Torpey, Cloughjourdan, County Tipperary, in reply to his letter forwarded by Alderman (Joseph) MacDonagh concerning the correct procedures for making a claim against a Cork firm in the Dail Courts. MacSwiney promises to deliver the particulars of Torpy's claim to the Registrar of the Cork City District Court (Seán O'Leary). 23 July 1920 1p 15 Copy letter from MacSwiney to O/C 6th Battalion Cork No.1 Brigade, Irish Volunteers, requesting a report on raids carried out on Messrs Buckworth, Hennessy (John Hennessy, Saint Anne's Hill) and Kelleher (William L. Kelleher, Inniscarra), on the outcome of a charge against Buckworth for lending assistance to the enemy and an immediate answer on whether guns were returned to Messrs. Hennessy and Kelleher. 24 July 1920 1p 16 Circular to MacSwiney from Pádraig O'Caoimh, Secretary, Sinn Féin, regarding the employment policies to be adopted towards resigning members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Details that 'every effort should be made' to find employment for these men by directing that a supportive letter be read out to all relatives, by citing the good example of Irish organisations in the United States of America and by stressing that Sinn Féin are in favour of the government commending the actions of these men. Also includes a similar letter to be read to the Sinn Féin

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