Terence MacSwiney L.Mayor Files Descriptive List (Ref. PR4)

PR4/1/ (FILE 1 )

26 May 1920


6 Circular General Order number 5 1920 (New series) issued by the Adjutant General (Gearóid O'Sullivan) of the Irish Volunteers regarding correspondence with Headquarters and the exact specifications to be used when communicating by letter. 29 May 1920 1p 7 Circular General Order number 6 1920 (New series) issued by the Adjutant General Irish Volunteers (Gearóid O'Sullivan) regarding the boycott of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Notes that all Volunteers will comply with the Dail decision to boycott the constabulary under threat of being subjected to the same treatment themselves in a very obvious and public manner. 4 June 1920 1p 8 Circular General Order number 7 1920 (New series) issued by the Adjutant General (Gearóid O'Sullivan) of the Irish Volunteers regarding the treatment of wounded men. Details that all Volunteers should be treated by a discreet and nationally minded doctor so that they are not put in unnecessary danger, that if hospitalised in Dublin the patient should enter under an assumed name and that full details be sent to Headquarters. 8 June 1920 1p 9 Circular General Order number 9 1920 (New series) issued by the Adjutant General (Gearóid O‚ÄôSullivan) of the Irish Volunteers regardibg the establishment of a voluntary police force. Details the proposed appointment within each company of a brigade, battalion and company police officer plus three or four ordinary ploicemen with individual powers to arrest, try and publicly humiliate but not punish guilty offenders. Also notes that each new appointment and each trial must be fully reported to the Adjutant General. 10 June 1920 3pp 10 Copy scheme for the administration of National Arbitration Courts in parishes and districts. Details the number of arbitrators to be appointed, the jurisdiction of each court, the daily fees, the terms of appeal and the necessity of all parties signing an undertaking to comply to the orders and decisions of the court. Also includes an amendment allowing for the appointment of temporary arbitrators and the instigation of an oath of allegiance to be taken by all arbitrators. [June 1920] 2pp See also PR4/5/42

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